vueOne Viewer

Lightweight Simulation Viewer

The benefits of Virtual Engineering relies entirely on the ability to share simulation results across members of an organisation. The use of 3D-based simulation models have historically been limited to specialised people, equipped with specialised software and hardware. The CCE Viewer overcomes such limitation and opens up new possibilities for cross-domains and cross-organisations engineering collaboration.

The CCE Viewer is a free, stand-alone application that comes in the form of a 10 Mbytes standard installer. It can be deployed in 5 minutes time and used on any reasonably spec’d deskptop or laptop computer. The CCE Viewer loads small-size, self-contained simulation files (1-10 Mbytes) so that 3D simulation of complete systems can now be shared across engineers and partner organisations as simple email attachments. The benefits of virtual engineering can now trully reach every engineers’ desk.