Operator Process Modeling

The V-Man software module complements the Editor environment by adding the ability to design, model and simulate human operator processes. The V-Man software has emerged from and was initially implemented for the automotive industry need to concurrently design and validate automated machinery and human operator processes. The V-Man module targets exactly this level of functionnality by providing a simplified manikin model that can be used effectively for complete semi-automatic work cell processes validation.

The V-Man module integrates seamlessly within the CCE Editor interface and workflow and follows the same paradigm that aims at providing an intuitive and accessible tool. Models containing one or more virtual operators can be run like any other simulation using the CCE viewer. The V-Man modules also complements the simulation analysis capabilities of the CCE Editor by adding pre-validation of ergonomics and operator fatigue assessment functions.


» Operator Process Modelling


With the V-Man software, the design objective was to integrate manual operation engineers work into the Virtual Process Pallning activity. The V-Man software was designed to provide non-modelling specilaists with a tool that could be used to rapidly and easily input their manual operation data into the Virtual Simulation Model in order to test and validate the overall system process.

The V-Man module is built around a simplified human skeleton and joints model that provides the right level of motion detail to enable human operation modelling while avoiding complex software interfaces and time consuming editing operations and modelling workflows. A complete operator worksequence can be edited, tested and corrected within an hour thanks to drag-and-drop point-and-click types operations for posture set up and work sequence editing.

The V-Man skeleton is implemented using anthropomorphic data (limbs dimension, size, etc.) for european male and female population averages, but additional skeleton models can be implemented based on customer/region specific requirements. The motion model is currently based on the MODAPTS standards (Modular Arrangement of Pre-determined Time Standards) which relates time values to movements for human body when work is performed. Integrastion of the MTM (Method time measurement) alternative method generally used by the European car manufacturing industry will also be achieved in a near future and offered as part of the V-Man software capabilities.

Have a look at our videos showing semi-automatic station simulations and V-Man capabilities, or request a tool demo to see how V-Man-based operations modelling could contribute to your Virtual Engineering and process planning activity.