Fully Distributed Systems (FDS) Ltd. is a company specialising in distributed approaches to the control, monitoring and service-support of real-time systems. Our distributed systems are typically either embedded into industrial products or applied in the factory/building automation environment. FDS offers key software expertise in component-based approaches to the design and visualisation of distributed control and monitoring systems. FDS primarily provides services for the implementation and operational support of these distributed systems.


Career opportunities


AR/VR applications engineer

Job type: Full-time position

Primary location: WFH

Secondary location: Customers/partners sites in the Coventry region

Contract length: 12 months, renewable

Working hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Salary: To be negotiated during a job interview

Qualifications and capabilities

  • Degree in engineering or computer science
  • Experience in developing digital models for manufacturing applications
  • Experience in developing Unity 3D applications
  • Experience in using Vuforia SDK for developing AR applications
  • Familiar with application development for Hololens AR headset (UI/UX)
  • Familiar with web stack development languages (Python, Javascript/Node.JS)
  • Autonomous, creative, motivated and willing to develop new skills
  • Good communication skills and capable or working in a multi-cultural environment

Job description and responsibilities

You will be responsible for the design and the development of AR and VR applications targeted at supporting manufacturing applications, from product and production systems design to operations on the shop floor.

The role will require you to understand requirements from manufacturing organisations that partner with FDS on industrial R&D projects. You will be responsible for prototyping and testing AR and VR applications for specific use cases, including in-process labelling and spatial data visualisation.

You will collaborate closely with senior control and software engineers in order to achieve integration of AR/VR applications with other software solutions and data management systems.
The role requires an open mindset, the ability to define your own objectives and manage your workload independently. We are looking forward to welcoming you to FDS’s innovation team!

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