vueOne Editor

Machine Process Modelling

The CCE Editor tool is a complete software environment that provides the functionalities required to edit complete 3D-based virtual models. The key concepts when designing the CCE Editor were usability and intuitive workflow. 3D model editing functions are made simple and easily accessible to non specialists whereas control related functions provide ample level of details in order to satisfy specialists engineers. Our goal is to provide a Virtual Engineering tool that will enhance and not impact on the engineering process efficiency.

The software is built around an intuitive and easy to navigate 3D view of the system whereas other visual control elements can be integrated in the layout to provide other engineering specific views of various aspects of the system such as control states and interlocks, process chart, model structure, operator process description, and many more. Following the same concept, the simluation run and analysis controls are designed to allow engineers to thouroughly and quickly test, debug and validate various systems’ configurations.



» Model Editing


The editing of a simulation model using the CCE tools’ is decomposed into three distinctive workflows which aim each at implementing a specific aspect of the real system:

  • Modelling of the system physical layout
  • Modelling of the system behaviour
  • Modelling of the parts/products route

All CCE Tools’ editing functions are designed around visual controls and intuitive operations. Because each organisation favours its own CAD solution, we do not provide 3D data editing module. Instead we use VRML/X3D open standard as our core 3D format so our modelling environment can be used in conjunction with virtually any CAD package or CAD exporter currently available on the market.

Assembly of 3D geometry and the editing of kinematic data into a complete model layout is done via simple point and click operations so no specific 3D modelling skills are required. Similarly, model control and product/part routing logic are visually described using State Transition Diagram representation that provide intuitive editing and validation operations.


» Simulation Analysis


The CCE Modelling and Simulation environment allows systems engineers to view and simulate various aspects of automated and semi-automated systems’s design and overall process in one common, easy to interpret and rich design view. Simulation runs will provide a realistic real-time representation of interacting automated machine and human operator processes.

Problematic cell layout, potential machine/robot clashes, and basic ergonomic issues will immediately become obvious to all engineers viewing the simulation. Idle machine and operator times, complete cycle times, and complete cell and process configurations can be analysed and optimised virtually so that costly modification of the system after commissioning cab be drastically reduced.

Here are some examples of design inconsistencies spotted by our partners and customers, and of optimisations carried out using CCE simulations:

  • Mismatch between product & pallet design: Use of CCE Viewer for better communication between machine manufacturer and end user
  • Part stocks location resulting in excessive operator walking distance and overall cycle time: optimisation of material handling layout using CCE Tools
  • Inconsistency between forecasted cell cycle time and maximum part conveyor speed
  • Safety issues with unprotected machine sections being too close to operator working area
  • Excessive operator walking distance (fatigue) and obvious ergonomic issues (part trays too low)
  • Optimisation of operator sequence to avoid excessive machine idle time
  • Optimisation of machine sequence to avoid excessive operator idle time
  • Optimisation of conveyor cell layout around factory building column
  • etc. etc. …


The possible benefits of deploying Virtual Process Planning in your organisation are countless. We, at FDS, seek to provide a competitive solution that can be deployed without disrupting your current engineering process and that will complement your software set up. We also provide a wide range of engineering services to guide and support you in the transition process, while our future development plans ensure that the investment will be even more beneficial in the long term.