Company Focus and Core Skills


Fully Distributed Systems (FDS) Ltd. is a company specialising in distributed approches to the control, monitoring and service-support of real-time systems. Our distributed systems are typically either embedded into industrial products, or applied in the factory/building automation environment. FDS offers key software expertise in component-based approaches to the design and visualisation of distributed control and monitoring systems. FDS primarily provides services for the implementation and operational support of these distributed systems. FDS possesses state of the art expertise in:

  • Real-time distributed control system design and implementation,
  • Distributed control logic design and analysis,
  • Networking and the integration of Web-Services,
  • VRML Web-based machine/process modelling and visualisation. and
  • Safe and IT secure monitoring of machines/processes (both locally and remotely) using embedded Web server technology.


FDS has expertise in the implementation of distributed systems using all major wired and wireless network standards. Control and monitoring solutions have been developed based on a wide range of embedded controllers, PLCs and embedded PCs.